Supply Chain Optimization

Our supply chain solutions enable the process manufacturing industries to achieve operational excellence. We provide turnkey solutions that start from Opportunity Analysis to Project Definition, Execution, Commissioning and Technology Transfer.

Our flagship product SCMart Suite is a comprehensive framework that can be customized and scaled to the particular optimization needs of your supply chain. This product covers the gamut of opportunities for achieving operational excellence, such as:

  • Business Performance Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Production Planning Optimization
  • Production Scheduling Optimization
For more detail, please visit our supply chain optimization page.

Research and Development

In Research and Development, our solution mainly focuses on chemical reaction analysis and optimization. Our unique approach allows chemists and engineers to innovate the research workflow by answering the following questions:

  • What is the most probable reaction mechanism and kinetics behind the experimental data I observe?
  • How should future research be targeted?
  • What strategies should be employed to maximize reaction yields?
The REX software in tandem with our consulting services allows our customers to reason through experimental data and answer the questions above.

You may visit our research and development page for more information.