The following are the key products available in the SCMart Suite. The features section provides more information about the products.


SCMart PS is the flagship product in the SCMart Suite, and enables optimization of Planning and Scheduling activities. Depending on your solution needs, this product can be configured for planning and/or scheduling purposes.


SCMart PA is a business intelligence product, that facilities business Performance Analysis and monitoring. This provides a rich visualization framework that can be used in concert with SCMart PS for rigorous optimization.

SCMart SE2

SCMart SE2 is a general purpose tool for building regression models. You may import measured data and develop predictive correlations between variables which can be used in SCMart PS. SE2 is very efficient for building reactor yield models as shown in the tutorial.

The SCMart Suite products, in general, are a collection of components, which may be broadly classified as the foundation and the modules:

The foundation, which is the Optience Core product, manages the interaction with the end-user, and is also the glue that holds all the Modules together. It facilitates communication to and between the SCMart Databases, the Model and Solution Engine, and the User Interface components.

The modules are feature specific components, such as:
  • User Interaction components, namely Grids and Graphing tools
  • Supply Chain Flow sheet Modeler
  • Solution and Optimization Engines
  • Report Generator
Every product in the SCMart Suite is a combination of the foundation and the relevant modules. This modular architecture allows us to customize products to suit the needs of your workflow.