Easy to Model and Easy to Use

REX Projects comes with an easy to use graphical user interface that allows you to rapidly build the chemistry and provide experimental data for kinetic estimation projects. Different kinetic mechanisms can be evaluated against experimental data for easy analysis. Once the kinetic mechanism and rate parameters are obtained, Virtual Experimentation and Reactor Optimization studies can also be conducted by building several cases simultaneously. Comprehensive graphing options allow for easy trend analysis and comparison between cases.

REX relieves the user from the burden of building the differential equation models, thus allowing the user to focus on the chemistry and performance improvement of the reaction system. Models can be built consistently and fast, resulting in savings in engineering time alone in the order of days.

A step by step video showing the setup of a simple parameter estimation project is available here.

Wide Range of Applicability

REX has facilitated the analysis of reaction systems for a wide range of applications from petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals synthesis. REX allows the user to select reaction mechanisms with kinetics ranging from power law to complex Langmuir-Hinshelwood-Hougen-Watson kinetics. Reactor types can range from batch, semi-batch, continuous stirred tank, fixed bed and flow reactors. The differential algebraic models that represent the kinetic estimation and reactor optimization models are solved with sophisticated algorithms.

Unique in Design and Features

REX design is unique in its understanding of the research workflow and thus combining the tasks of estimation, simulation and optimization in one framework, with easy transfer of information between these steps. Kinetic Estimation can be done for a variety of reactors and reaction kinetics types. Furthermore, REX is unique in its ability to perform flexible dynamic optimization of temperature, pressure and compound addition or removal profiles for batch systems.

Continuous Improvement and Customization

The software architecture of Optience products allows us to flexibly customize our interfaces and models. We listen to our customers, and Optience is committed to continuous improvement of our products to meet their needs.

Proven Technology

REX is built on the success and experience of improving yields for numerous projects in petrochemical, polymers and pharmaceutical synthesis. REX is also backed by an experienced consulting and training services team that can ensure effective utilization to generate superior results when it comes to your reaction yields.

Seamless Transfer of Knowledge

As projects on reaction analysis are completed in REX Projects, the resulting chemistry and kinetics can be seamlessly transferred to your corporate database for archival. This allows company researchers to query the corporate database and use this information for new projects.

To learn more about how REX can help you achieve your research and development goals, please email us.