Flow sheet Environment for Supply Chain Modeling

The SCMart PS product features a unique flow sheet style modeling framework of your supply chain. Here, you may select the tasks (processing units) from a palette that include typical components in a process industry supply chain, such as ships, storage tanks, reactors, mixers, separators, flow switches and others. The connections between the tasks represent the flow of materials in the supply chain. By providing the processing parameters for each task and associated costs information, a topological view of the supply chain is developed. A snapshot of our modeler interface for Ethylene Plant Optimization is shown below.

Ethylene plant optimization model in SCMart View Full Size Model Screenshot

Easy Generation of the mathematical models

Once the supply chain topology is developed, the mathematical models for the planning and scheduling optimization can be generated. Based on the desired planning and scheduling horizons, cases for optimization can be created.

Proven Technology for Large Scale Optimization

The optimization methods for large scale mixed integer nonlinear optimization built in SCMart have been proven in petrochemical complex implementations around the globe. SCMart is also backed by an experienced consulting and training services team that can ensure effective utilization to generate superior results.

Rich and Customizable Visualization framework

Both the SCMart PS and SCMart PA products feature rich capabilities for visualization of information associated with the supply chain. This includes business and process performance data, optimization case management and results analysis. Furthermore, the visualization functions can be tailored to the needs and responsibilities of each decision maker in the workflow.

Multiperiod Ethylene plant planning results View Full Size Model Screenshot

Wide Range of applicability

The SCMart PS system is applicable for supply chain optimization of systems ranging from petrochemical and refining complexes to fine chemicals. Model development can be done on a component flow basis, which is typical for bulk chemicals, or on a discrete recipe basis, which is more typical for specialty products.

Ease of Maintenance and technology transfer

The flowsheet style modeling interface and the rich visualization capabilities in SCMart make for a smooth process when it comes to technology transfer and maintenance. In the years following a SCMart implementation, when business or operation conditions change, the models can be easily modified, and thus our customers can sustain the benefits of the supply chain applications over time.

Seamless integration capabilities

The SCMart Suite products allow for easy transfer of data to and from your corporate IT system. Furthermore, data transfer at different hierarchies within SCMart, such as from the Planning to the Scheduling process and vice versa can be done smoothly. Solutions built with the SCMart platform can be customized to meet the needs of your business process and workflow.

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