Supply Chain Optimization

Our supply chain solutions enable operational excellence for the chemical process industries. We provide turn-key solutions for strategic planning, production planning and scheduling, all implemented with the SCMart Suite software.
Our solutions for olefins complex optimization have been implemented across the globe and are maximizing operating profits for our customers.

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Research & Development

Reaction performance maximization is an integral task in R&D labs at chemical companies. We have helped our clients to systematically reason through the experimental data and develop strategies that maximize reaction performance by leveraging the REX software.
Our solutions have enabled mechanism discovery, kinetic estimation and reactor optimization for a wide variety of systems from petrochemicals, polymers and pharmaceuticals.

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SCMart Software

SCMart is the flagship supply chain optimization software from Optience, and is the first flowsheet-based software for building planning and scheduling models.
From strategic planning to daily operations scheduling, SCMart helps you make confident decisions by harnessing the power of mathematical programming technologies.

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REX Software

REX boosts efficiency in the reaction analysis workflow, by providing a single framework to execute on kinetic parameter estimation, virtual experimentation and reactor optimization projects.
Powerful optimization algorithms allow for efficient execution of the large nonlinear differential-algebraic models that are typical for these systems. Reaction models can be built with ease in REX, allowing you to focus on mechanism discovery and yield maximization.

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